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Beyond the Uniform provides military Veterans with free resources to help them identify, evaluate, pursue and succeed at their ideal civilian career. We interview Veterans to explain their job and how other Veterans might pursue this as a career option.



Over 150 podcast interviews with Veterans about their civilian career: what they do, how they got there and advice for other Veterans seeking to do the same


Short videos to teach you the skills you need to succeed in evaluating and obtaining your next civilian job. Also includes behind-the-scenes office tours at popular companies.


Books and publications based on quantitative analysis of 20k+ military Veteran LinkedIn profiles and what you can learn about finding your best future career path.


Online events and seminars designed to answer your most pressing questions, led by military Veterans who have gone before you and succeeded in their career. 

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Popular Interviews

A few of our community's favorite resources

From Marines to CEO of Pepsi

Steven Reinemund shares his journey from the Marine Corps to a Fortune 500 CEO. He provides advice about how Veterans can approach the start of their career to prepare for long-term success.

From Army Ranger to Seattle Seahawk

Nate Boyer talks about how he went from the Army Rangers to a walk-on at UT Austin and eventually the NFL. His story is one of perseverance, taking risk, & bouncing back from unexpected setbacks.


From Army to ESPN Photographer

Chris Pestel left the Army and cut his salary in one-third to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. Over time he grew his own photography practice and worked with ESPN, Playboy and more.

Air Force to Satellite Entrepreneur

John Fenwick co-founded Skybox Imaging, and endeavored to put a constellation of satellites into space. Five years later, Google Acquired SkyBox Imaging for over $500M.


From Army to Brazen Gourmet

Annie Taft shares how she gave up thoughts of business school to go to culinary school and eventually start three different businesses. Hers is a story of following ones passion.

Traveling the World for 4 Years Post-Service

After his military service, Tim Patterson decided to travel the world. He bought a motorcycle and rode over 28,000 miles along the Pan-American highway, from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. 

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