About Us

Members of the Armed Forces take an oath to put the needs of the nation before their own. Whether they serve five years or fifty, these men and women eventually face a transition to a civilian career and life. This site is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to navigate this transition with confidence.

We will do this by:

  • Showcasing examples of veterans who have successfully made this transition, what they learned, what they wish they knew, and what advice they’d offer
  • Analyzing data to spot trends in career decisions
  • Illuminating ways in which military training is an extreme advantage in the civilian sector

Thank you to all of those who have and who continue to serve our country. Countless Americans have benefited from your service, and it is my hope that the information provide can benefit from the sacrifices you have made.

Our Team


Justin M. Nassiri
Founder & Host

Justin is the Founder & CEO of StoryBox, and started Beyond the Uniform as a side project to help active duty military personnel. Justin is an INFP who lives in Denver with his ENTJ wife (and inspiration) Rebecca and their ESFP dog Hemingway (Hemi).

Justin studied Electrical Engineering at the United States Naval Academy, where he received what’s been dubbed “a $200k education shoved up your [censored] a nickel at a time.” He also received the world’s finest education in leadership, serving as the Brigade Performance and Conduct Officer and the President of the Men’s Glee Club (note: as a result, Rebecca refers to herself as the First Lady).

Justin served as an officer with the incredible crew of the USS Alaska (SSBN 732) and for a far-too-brief time with the USS Chicago. This training was the single biggest asset to his experience as an entrepreneur, helping him break through walls, push himself beyond his limits, and occasionally fight giant squid and flirt with mermaids.

His life was forever changed when he attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business. There, he learned that investment bankers weren’t tellers at a bank (true story), that ordinary people can start baby companies called startups, and that if you’re dressed in 70s attire on a flight to vegas you can get away with giving the safety announcement.

In 2009 he turned down an offer from McKinsey & Co. to start TheOneAbout, which became VideoGenie, which became StoryBox. Wackiness ensued.


Scott McKee

Scott is an academic, Project Management Professional, and former MH-60R helicopter pilot. He studied in Malaysia as an Olmsted Scholar (olmstedfoundation.org) and has also lived in Japan. He is passionate about excellence, leadership, and how organizational culture impacts productivity and talent.



Kathleen Dillon

Kathleen Dillon enlisted in the Coast Guard in 2010 after graduating from Tulane University. She served for two years as a search and rescue boat crewmember at Station Fire Island in Babylon, NY. She was then assigned to the Coast Guard’s First District headquarters in Boston, MA where she served as an enlisted aide to the Admiral responsible for all Coast Guard operations in New England. She was commissioned in May 2014 and was then assigned to the Atlantic Strike Team as a Response Officer, leading teams during responses to natural disasters, oil spills, and national security events. Kathleen separated from the Coast Guard in August 2017 and is currently living in Guatemala studying Spanish.

Steve Bane

Steve Bane
Director of Outreach

Steve is a program manager in the Aerospace/Defense industry.  Prior to transitioning in 2016, Steve spent 9 years as an Army Aviation Officer and CH-47D/F Chinook helicopter pilot, serving in various leadership positions in South Korea, Alaska, Afghanistan and Alabama.  Steve holds a History degree from the University of Scranton and an MBA from Syracuse University.  His passions are his family, helping others, leadership, organizational change and The Big Lebowski.  

Andrew Wooldridge

Andrew Woolridge
Data Analytics and Insights Advisor

Andrew is an Army Active Duty Officer and commissioned into the Signal Corps in 2010. During this time he held a number of jobs ranging from Platoon Leader to Company Commander, and served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous state-side locations. He holds a degree in Communications from the University of Colorado and is passionate about empowering people and teams to reach their maximum potential. Andrew will be transitioning to Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2018 and is striving to work as a Management Consultant upon separation.