Podcast: Entrepreneurship Episodes

8.9% of military Veterans self-identify as an Entrepreneur after their military service. Entrepreneurship can take on many forms, and the highlighted episodes below showcase several different forms of startups. This includes technology startups, franchises, consulting startups, and more.

BTU #88 - Zach & Drew - two Navy vets team up to raise $13M for Rhumbix

BTU #112: Growing Black Rifle Coffee from $1.8k to $20M in 2.5 years (Evan Hafer)


BTU #107 - Elijah Crane: SEALS to ABC's Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

BTU #110: Co-Founding Plated & Raising $55M (Nick Taranto)


BTU #132 - Active Duty to Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner (Marlon Terrell)

BTU #60 - Matt Miller: Air Force Pilot to Vending Machine Empire


BTU #68 - John Lee Dumas: Army to EOFire and over $205k a month in revenue

BTU #45 - Launching a Satellite Startup and Selling to Google for $500M


BTU # 124 - Founding and growing GoRuck from $0 to $15M in revenue (Jason McCarthy)

BTU #63 - Todd Ehrlich: From SEALs to Founder of Kill Cliff


BTU #99 - Army Sergeant to President of USA's 592nd Fastest Growing Company

BTU #111: Two sibling Army Vets and Their Two Successful Startups


BTU #109: 20 years Army Vet sells a startup to Mercedes, and co-founds GoodWorld


BTU #59 - Army to starting (and 11 years later selling) his own consulting company


BTU# 40 - Founding a company while in the Army and following your passion

BTU #65 - Army to Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Four Companies


BTU #85 - Marines to Founder of Stubble & Stach (Nicholas Karnaze

BTU #89 - Navy to bootstrapping from $0 to 7-figures in 1 year (Drew Sanocki

Additional Episodes: